To care for the property of the church.  They hold in trust for the membership the material possessions accruing to the church.  It is to be understood that a Baptist church, being autonomous, holds title to all property which it purchases or which is donated to it.  It is necessary and mandatory to empower representatives to hold property, to administer it, and to handle all legal and financial details relating to the property.  Under the direction of the Pastor and deacons, trustees:

  • Hold in trust the material possessions accruing to the church body

  • Administer the church assets

  • Handle all legal and financial details pertaining to church property

  • Provide for safe keeping of titles to all property, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, cash and other church assets

  • Receive and administer all legacies of which the church may fall heir

  • Supervise the disbursement of funds according to the will of the church

  • Give an accurate account to the church annually, or more often if requested, of property in keeping

  • If and when required, submit a detailed report of receipts and expenditures, dormant funds, and pieces of real estate to the church

  • Trustees will endeavor to maintain or improve the property which has been entrusted to their care